Tweed Elvis Festival - Festival Info & Rules
8th Annual
Tweed Elvis Festival
August 24, 25, & 26, 2018

Tweed Tribute to Elvis Festival - Information & Rules

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The Tweed Tribute to Elvis Festival is pleased to offer its annual Elvis Tribute Artist Competition. To make this event as pleasurable as possible, we ask you to take a moment to read these general rules.
NOTE – This is an OUTDOOR VENUE - Bring your own chairs. Some sun/rain shelter is available
Our Vendors are allowed to enter the Vendor Village to set up on Friday, August 25, 2017 after 10 a.m.
Reserved campers with weekend passes are allowed to enter the grounds on Wed, August 23, 2017 after 1:00 p.m. to set up their campsites.
Per Municipal Bylaws, we adhere to a strict "No Glass” policy. Our staff will be checking to be sure that no glass makes its way into the grounds.
Personal Property - If you leave your campsite be sure to put your coolers, etc. out of sight. In order to prevent theft we suggest that you lock valuables in your trailer or in the trunk of your car.
Washrooms: There are plenty of portable toilets for public use.
Smoking - a designated area for smokers will be set up inside the Festival area.
Go Green - Campers and guests please note: for the 2017 Festival "go green” practices are encouraged - use paper cups, plates, wood spoons & forks, etc. if you bring food into the festival grounds. We would like to reduce the plastic waste at our festival grounds. This year we are trying for as close to zero waste as possible. Please plan ahead in your food service purchases. Thank you.
Weather - Rain or shine the show will go on - no refunds
ALL PERSONS MUST HAVE THEIR "WEEKEND PASS” to enter the FESTIVAL Camp Grounds! NO WEEKEND PASS – NO ENTRY. Gates open at 1 pm & close at 5:00 pm On Wednesday, August 23. Reserved sites are marked. Consult the Parking Attendants to find your site.
No entry with RV’s after dark due to safety reasons. Please arrive during daylight hours. If you want to "camp together” – please "arrive” together!
When you purchase a Weekend Pass with Camping for the Festival, your camping during the show (Aug. 25 – Aug 27) is included in this price. (NOTE: most sites have been reserved - please respect these allotted sites).
Hard-top Tent-trailers will be allowed, but no tents. This is a temporary camp ground with no facilities. See the Lodging/Meals page for local campgrounds
No Pets will be allowed in the Festival area.
Call the Tickets/Camping Office 613-478-1691 for more information.
Please refer to the Tickets/Camping page for more camping related issues
All prices include Applicable Taxes (HST at 13%). Prices are subject to change.
Tickets are subject to SERVICE CHARGES.
We are NOT responsible for lost, stolen or forgotten tickets.
Program schedules are subject to change
The Festival goes on rain or shine. No Refunds.
Youths and Children Must be Accompanied by an Adult
Due to problems in the past we have found it necessary this year to strictly enforce this rule. Even if a youth has purchased a ticket in advance, they will not be allowed on the grounds unless accompanied by the adult. THEY WILL NOT RECEIVE A REFUND IF THEY HAVE NO ADULT TO ACCOMPANY THEM. We are doing this as an effort to try and control drinking under age. We at the Tweed Tribute To Elvis Festival DO NOT condone this type of behaviour.
No Glass Containers Permitted on the Grounds
Absolutely NO GLASS containers permitted on the grounds. Please bring your non-alcoholic beverages in cans. If you have any glass containers for food or beverages they must be left at your campsite. Please pour your drinks into plastic containers. Our "No Glass” policy will be strictly enforced. Those wishing to consume alcoholic beverages in the Main Stage Seating Area may purchase them at the Festival Beverage Tent.
In order for us to maintain an orderly park we need your help. We are asking you to keep your beverages at your campsite. NO WALKING AROUND WITH OPEN DRINKS ON THE ROADWAYS! When heading to the Main Stage Seating Area please transport your beverages in plastic containers only and keep in your cooler! NO GLASS IS ALLOWED in the Main Stage Seating Area. We thank you for helping us to maintain safe roadways.
No Pets Permitted on the Grounds
NO PETS WILL BE ALLOWED on the Tweed Municipal Fairgrounds by Municipal Bylaw.
Absolutely NO OPEN FLAME FIRES are allowed on the Tweed Municipal Fairgrounds.
Shuttle Buses
Anyone causing a disturbance on our "shuttle” buses or golf carts will be evicted. Zero tolerance. No Refunds. Our buses and golf carts provide convenient transportation around the grounds for all of our campers and is especially important for seniors and disabled people to get to and from their campsites to the Main Stage Seating Area. Please assist us – we ask that you give a "helping” hand to those carrying chairs etc. Our aim is to make everything as easy and safe as possible for all.
Music (Other than on stage)
People come from near and far to listen to the music we provide on our Main Stage. Loud music from vehicle radios, amplifiers or any other sound system is a disturbance to everyone and is not allowed. Anyone caught disturbing the peace in this way will be evicted without a refund.
Generators will be allowed to operate between 8 am and 11 pm, except during the performances when they must be turned off. If your generator makes excessive noise or creates excessive fumes you will be asked not to use it. We understand some people have health related issues that require the use of generators all night. In fairness to other campers, these generators must be whisper quiet and not disturb other campers in any way. If you do not comply with these rules you will be evicted without a refund.
Please be assured that all of the above rules will be enforced. Our main objective is to make our event an enjoyable experience for all of our loyal Elvis music fans. We would like to thank everyone and ask for your support at the 2017 show!
"We’re here for a good time – not a long time”
We thought it might be useful if we posted a list of "Things To Bring”. We have received a lot of useful ideas through the years from some very experienced festival guests and campers.
  • Lawn chair - an absolute must bring as we don’t provide these
  • A Black Sharpie Marker (autographs) If you are thinking of getting autographs of your favourite artists!
  • Sun Glasses/Sunscreen/Hat (for the hot and sunny days). Sun umbrellas are permitted but you will be asked to sit along the fence lines so as not to obstruct the view of other guests.
  • Moist Towelettes/Baby Wipes (Though we try to ensure an adequate supply at our ‘sanitation stations’, you may want to bring your own for your trips to the portable toilets. They are also great for washing your hands after eating Vendor Village Goodies!)
  • Spritzer bottle to cool off
  • Water bottles or you may purchase water from the Beverage Tent or Vendor Village
  • Rain Coat – Warm/Dry Clothes (for the cool evenings or rainy days)
  • Comfortable Shoes (you will have to walk from the Fairgrounds parking to the Main Stage Seating Area)
  • Tylenol, Ibuprofen, etc. For when the sun gets to you. (some people also bring Pepto Bismol/Gravol/Visine)
  • Camera and Film
  • First Aid Kit Just in case of an emergency, though St John Ambulance will be on-site during the day. It is helpful if you have brought a few things such as bandages, etc.
  • Litter bag (though we have a volunteer staff trying to ensure trash is collected before it hits the ground, your help in minimizing litter remaining after folks leave is really appreciated).
  • It is very important to bring a desire to have a great time!

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